Mornings suck.

When I wake up in the morning, I am straight up not having a good time.

In the past I have tried and failed to start early routines so many times I can’t keep count. It is a known fact in my house not to talk to me before 8am. I want those extra few minutes of sleep, I don’t want to see you, and I don’t want to hear those damn happy birds chirping outside.

And I’m not alone.

There are plenty of us who despise early risers and everything they stand for.

how to make mornings easier - sunrise yoga
It’s not that I despise you, it’s just that you annoy me you ambitious showoff.

I’m kidding. I’m secretly jealous of early risers.

There are so many books written about the benefits of waking up early like The 5AM Club or The Miracle Morning. Not to mention that some of the most successful people in the world credit waking up early as a key to their success.

It seems that across the board, successful people use mornings to their advantage and use this extra time to make a difference. There’s clearly something to it. What makes these early hours so special?

1. Motivation Is Still High

Your day hasn’t beaten you down yet to the point that you only want to have an extra drink and crawl into bed. When you get done with work and dealing with people do you really want to do something you don’t love or to put any more work in to anything? Me neither.

First thing in the morning your willpower and motivation are still at their peak and once you get up this is the easiest time to do what you need to.

2. You Can Get More Done While Everyone Else Is Asleep

If you wake up early, most other people won’t be up yet, including your family or roommates. If they’re all asleep you have time to take care of yourself and do what you need to do without them taking your attention.

3. It’s Quiet

While everyone else is still asleep, there’s no TV blasting, no yelling, no distractions. It’s only you. And it’s quiet. The best thing about silence? It’s great for introspection.

Grab a cup of coffee and sit down and enjoy the silence. This is the perfect time for some serious thinking. Think about the day, your life, your goals, plan your day out, think about small changes you can start today to start getting results.

4. This Might Be Your Only Time For You

If you wake up, get the kids to school, get yourself to work, spend 8 hours working for someone else, come home, take care of your house, fix dinner, make sure everyone is taken care of and go to bed, where was the time for you?

Did you have any time to relax? Or to work on a special hobby or project? Or to invest in your goals? Probably not. But an extra hour or two in the morning? Heck yes.

5. It Sets The Tone For The Rest Of Your Day

If you jump out of bed and start rushing around, without a game plan or anytime to relax, you are going to carry that through your day. If you feel rushed and like your morning wasn’t great, that feeling and negative energy will go to work and come home with you. We don’t want that.

Start your morning earlier and you will have more time to accomplish what you need. You’ll have no need for rushing, more time for you, you’ll be better prepared for your day and more relaxed. That’s a win-win.

So, do we agree that mornings are theoretically the best time of your day?

how to make mornings easier - sunrise
They say sunrises are nice. Maybe I’d enjoy them if my backyard looked like this.

Yeah, we can’t deny that. But I still hate them. I’d rather sleep in and try to put off starting my day. I bet you feel like that too. So, let’s try to make mornings as easy as possible so we can start our day off right and be on our way to success.

What I’m going to do here is streamline a system I have found that works for me.

I have taken bits and pieces of advice from self-improvement blogs and morning routines of successful people from all over the internet and compiled it into an easy and clear step by step guide for mornings.

By following this you will:

  • Have extra time in the morning
  • Will have less stress
  • Will make progress towards your goals
  • Will set yourself up for all day success

Mornings already suck so this game plan will take the thinking out of the equation. Your brain will lie to you how it will be better to get extra sleep and not get up yet. Shut that voice right up because we’re not doing that anymore.

Ready to jumpstart your day the easy way? Let’s go.

It all starts with the night before.

1. Prep For Tomorrow

Pack your lunch, lay out your clothes and work things, and prep breakfast. If you have a hobby or project your working on get those things ready and together. Make sure your laptop is charged, pen and notebook are ready to go, anything to make it as appealing and easy as possible so that you’re not waking up to a mess or more work. The last thing you need is any inconvenience.

2. Set Your Alarm

Set your alarm for the time that you’ll be waking up. Try to set this for at least an hour earlier than you normally wake up.

If you want a cute or motivational ringtone as your alarm, that’s great.

Put it across the room so that you physically have to get out of bed to turn it off. It’s too easy to hit snooze while you’re half asleep, and we are not going to do that.

Also, set a tall glass of water next to that alarm. You’ll need it later.

3. Get A Good Night’s Sleep

how to make mornings easier - cat sleeping
New life goal right here, try to sleep as well as this cat.

If you’re not practicing good sleep hygiene, why the heck not?

If you aren’t getting the sleep you need then you are going to start your day at a disadvantage. That’s not a deal breaker and you can still be amazing tomorrow, but why would you want to start off like that? Learn how to get good sleep and actually do it.

4. The Alarm Goes Off

how to make mornings easier - alarm
I know this is literally the worst sound in the world but try not to destroy it. You don’t want that mess right now.

Get out of bed and turn it off. Go ahead and drink that glass of water. You’ll be dehydrated from not drinking anything overnight and you need to replenish. Plus it will help your body to start waking up a bit.

While you’re standing here stretch a little, nothing fancy, just swing your arms around, reach for the sky, shake your head some. This will get the blood flowing and will help get you out of the sleep haze.

5. Next Stop: The Bathroom

Do what you need to do here. Brush your teeth and wash your face with cold water. If you’re about to exercise maybe don’t take a shower yet, but if you want to you can. Your call on that one.

6. Now Head To The Kitchen

Refill that glass of water, you’ll want to keep sipping on it throughout the morning. Like tea or coffee in the morning? Now’s a good time to do that. Did you prep breakfast last night? You can eat it now if you’re hungry. Or eat it later. Whatever works for you is fine.

7. Time To Relax

Find a place to sit and bring your water, coffee, breakfast, whatever you just got from the kitchen. Now relax and enjoy it. Don’t play on your phone or watch TV, just adjust to being awake and start planning your day.

What’s your day going to look like? Any metaphorical roadblocks you can plan around? What’s a small goal you can try to reach today that will help you get closer to success? What’s something that you’re looking forward to today?

8. Work On Your Goal

how to make mornings easier - journal
This doesn’t look too scary does it?

Now that you’re awake and in the right mindset, now is the time to start working on you.

Do something this morning that will get you closer to reaching your goal. If you want to lose weight, then do some kind of exercise. If you want to publish a book, then start writing. If you are starting a business, then take care of what you can for it.

No matter what your goal is, do something small this morning to work towards it.

If you only have 15 minutes to do this, that’s ok! That’s 15 minutes more than you normally would have spent on it when you’re rushing around or procrastinating.

9. Get Ready To Start Your Day

If you need to go to work or school go ahead and start your normal morning routine to get ready for your day. You’re prepared so you won’t be rushing around. You worked towards a goal that you can feel good about. You had time to yourself to relax and you have a game plan.

At this point, no matter how your day goes you have accomplished more than most people do and you should pat yourself on the back for that.

Did your morning still suck?

Yep, it will for a little while.

You need to be consistent with this and it will get easier every day. Good sleep habits and going to bed and waking up at the same time every day is the secret, so as long as you do this you’re in the clear.

Think you hate it now? That’s not fair yet. You have to give it a chance, so that’s why we’re going to do it every day.

Every day it gets a little easier… But you gotta do it every day — that’s the hard part. But it does get easier

Jogging Baboon from BoJack Horseman

If in 30-60 days it never got easier, and you accomplished nothing with this extra time, then come back and tell me please. I would love to find out what worked and didn’t work for you so that we can experiment with morning routines and find something more awesome.

Looking for inspiration to take your mornings even further? Check out My Morning Routine to create the best morning routine you can!

Have you tried these tips out? How did they work for you?

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