Mornings are already a struggle. Just getting ready and out the door to start a day that you might be dreading is tough enough, now I’m telling you to wake up early and add more to your routine?

You’re dang right I am.

What if I told you by doing a few extra things in the morning, that you can set yourself up for success, feel better, and start making lasting changes in your life? Would you do it?

These 5 things might seem like they will take alot of time that you already don’t have, but I promise they wont. In fact, if you want to sorta cheat to race the clock, you can do 4 and 5 the night before and knock out the others in less than 30 minutes in the morning. How’s that for doable?

Ready to supercharge your mornings?

1. Drink Water

Up to 60% of your body is water, and you better believe you’re going to be dehydrated in the morning. Before you reach for your coffee (and hopefully not a soda) you need to down a tall glass of water. Don’t believe me? Read more about the amazing benefits in this great article from Business Insider.

2. Do Light Cardio

I know this one sounds daunting but let’s make it super easy. I am not telling you to run a marathon here. I am not telling you to climb a mountain. You just want to get your body moving a little bit. Anything is an improvement if you aren’t in a habit of doing anything. This can be a 10 minute stroll around the neighborhood, a couple of arm and leg swings, a couple of jumping jacks. Start getting your body in the habit of moving a little more.

3. Stretch or Meditate

You know when you get out of bed and everything creaks? (We’re getting old aren’t we?) Start to loosen those joints first thing with some easy stretching. There are so many benefits to gentle stretching and it’s really easy to add into an already hectic morning.

If you prefer, use this time to meditate! Just a few minutes of quiet reflection or planning your day out can really put you in the right head space to start your day.

4. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

I will be the first to tell you I’m not much of a breakfast eater (unless it’s carb loaded, sugar filled and hopefully fried in someway), but even I have to admit: I feel so much better after a healthy breakfast. What do we mean by a healthy breakfast? Something fairly high in protein, not greasy or a sugar bomb, and hopefully something natural.

Maybe overnight oats that you prepped the night before with some fresh berries. Or how about a veggie omelet with a mix of fruit on the side. Maybe skip the added sugar and creamer in your coffee, or try a new herbal tea instead.

And while you’re setting yourself up for nutritional success…

5. Pack a Lunch

Besides saving money, you can also save a ton of calories by having a cleaner and more nutritious lunch you packed yourself. If you’re pinched for time in the morning, just throw it together the night before. Make a salad with some leftover protein from the night before. Maybe just pack that leftover stir fry! This doesn’t have to be complicated. Anything is better than the drive through.

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