Motivated Minds is your easy no bullsh*t guide to self improvement. We cut through the crap and make quick, easy to digest information for you to apply to your life right now. Simply put, we want to make this really easy for you.

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

My name is Jen and I’m a chronic failure.

I have failed at most things the first time I tried them. I’ve been in debt, overweight, worked dead-end jobs, started businesses that failed, and made all kinds of terrible decisions. But I keep trying, and I keep experimenting. Over time I have found ways that have made serious improvements in my life that I feel can make a difference for others.

Why would I want to help you?

Because I’ve been there. I know how hard it can be to get started making positive change when your life sucks. It’s difficult to make routines and habits stick, to stay on course to reach goals and to not fall off the wagon when things get tough. And couldn’t this world use a few more helping hands?

I’ve got your back.

I want to help you:

  • Learn to make easy changes that will last.
  • Find motivation when things suck.
  • Learn discipline that you can count on.
  • Find solutions to any stressor in your life.

I don’t want you to go this alone, and I believe together we can get you to where you want to be.

Things to know about Motivated Minds:

  • I’m a real person! Reach out to me at anytime. I read every email I receive and try to respond to as many as I can.
  • Any links on this site to books or other products are affiliate links (which I will also let you know by the link itself). What does this mean? This means that I have read this book or used this product and love it enough to recommend it to you! If you purchase through that link, I will get a small commission back at no cost to you. That just helps to keep the site running so that I can keep giving information to everyone for free.
  • I might sometimes link to other sites. I’m not affiliated with them in anyway, I just think they’re awesome resources that can help you get even further ahead and I want you to know about them.
  • If you’ve got something on your mind that you can’t find ideas on how to handle just let us know! I’m always on the lookout for new issues to research and want to make sure my content is useful to you.

Confused about where to start?

Getting Started

This page will make sure you start off on the right foot.

I genuinely hope my ideas and research can help you make lasting changes to make your life better. You deserve it and I want it to happen for you.

Ready to start your journey?

– Jen